Below are the options available on our products


Conway Loop West End Buckle Bridle Buckles
Conway Loops West End Buckles Bridle Buckles

Clips / Hooks

Snap Hook Bridle Hook Scissor Hook
Trigger Hook Scissor Hook Bridle Hook

Overlay and Underlay

It is not possible to have an underlay and overlay at the same time, as it is too thick.

Underlay Overlay
Underlay Overlay
An underlay is an additional slightly wider layer under the nose or browband. BETA® works well as a soft comfortable layer.

An overlay is an additional slightly narrower layer on top of the nose or brow band. Transluscent works really well.

Noseband Options

Noseband Standard Double Rear Noseband
Noseband Standard Double Rear Fastening Noseband
Adjustment is by a conway loop.

This is used when you need to have the noseband tighter while using a flash.

Flash Noseband Attachment

Flash Noseband Attachment

It is recommended that you choose the rear double sided adjustment with the flash noseband.

Breastplate & Martingale Options

These options are available on all martingales and breastplates

Quick Release Standard Release
Quick Release Standard

This is the end of the breastplate, where it goes around the girth. It allows for adjustment in the length of the strap, while the clip allows the end to be opened to allow the taking off the breastplate.

The breastplate finishes in a loop for you to thread the girth through.

Lead Rein End Options

Loop Handle End Popper End
Loop Handle End Popper End