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COMPOSITION: Polyester: 80% Climatherm 8% Polyamide 7% Resistex Carbon: 5% DIAGRAM: 1 – Decompression 3D System 2 – Ribs for Protection 3 – Pressure/Adjustable Ribs 4 – Resistex Carbon/Calf Muscle Protection

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Our Latest Product Unisex fit and supremely comfortable. Made with Climatherm, they keep core temperature stable, expel and evaporate odour and keep your body dry always. The Active Plus Carbon provides strategic pressure areas to obtain a higher muscular performance. Resistex Carbon decreases the build up of lactic acid, It improves blood flow and causes a better cell oxygenation. Active Plus & Resistex Carbon accelerate muscular recovery. All Sport HG styles use 3D technology and incorporate HG Odour, this antibacterial treatment is designed to neutralize body odour produced during physical exercise. Colours: Black/Blue – Black Pink – Black/Red  Sizes: XS – S – M – L